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Growing up in Ireland each and every night Emma-Jane’s Mammy and Daddy told her a story about Johnny Magory.

These ‘made-up’ tales were usually derived from whatever sort of harm and devilment EJ had got up to that day and she couldn’t wait for bedtime to hear about what Johnny had done too!

Because of this she was inspired to write down a few stories and bring Johnny McGory to the next generation.

The Adventures of Johnny Magory have just been shortlisted for the CAP Awards 2017 ‘Best Junior Book’ category.

CAP Awards

Emma-Jane attending the 2017 CAP Awards

Our Purpose, Vision and Values

Purpose: Get children outside exploring and reading books

Vision: To educate and instill a love of Irish heritage, culture & nature into the children that read them.


  • Adventure – be curious and explore anytime, anyplace.
  • Education – use every opportunity to learn and teach.
  • Family – the single most important relationship, always look for ways to bring families closer.
  • Fun – do what you enjoy and bring fun into everything you do.

Have you heard the story?

Johnny Magory in the Magical Wild was the first book published in the series about a six year old Irish boy, his dog Ruairi, and their exciting imaginative adventures. This book is based on Ballynafagh Lake which is close to where the author lives.

Johnny Magory and the Game of Rounders followed next. Johnny Magory and his dog Ruairi sneak off to have a brilliant game of rounders with all his animal friends; when he’s supposed to helping his Mammy and Daddy foot the turf!

The third adventure is Johnny Magory and the Wild Water Race. Based on the Grand Canal of Ireland, the pair have an exciting boat race with their animal friends. Johnny’s little sister Lily-May is also introduced in this book.

Supporting Charity

Johnny Magory Books are official partners to CMRF Crumlin with €1 from the sale of every book going directly to the charity.

Proud partners of CMRF Crumlin

Proud partners of CMRF Crumlin

Supporting Irish Business

The books are ‘Guaranteed Irish’ as they are written in Kildare, edited in Dublin, illustrated in Kilkenny and printed in Mayo.

  • Illustrated by Kim Shaw , Kilkenny.
  • Edited by Aoife Barrett, Dublin.
  • Printed by KPS Colourprint, Mayo.

Workshops and Events

Emma-Jane is available for interactive reading sessions with children in Ireland. These events tend to be approximately 1 hour in duration and involve reading the stories and encouraging children to engage with nature through various props and activities. Please email to arrange a visit.

Emma-Jane reading her books to children

Please get in touch if you have any recommendations on another adventure for Johnny based on your own experience.


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