• The Starlings or Druid as gaeilge, have been really grabbing my attention lately. That photo from Lough Ennell last week certainly grabbed attention worldwide.◾At first glance starlings look somewhat dull and drab however on closer inspection they can have bright cream speckles (in winter) plus a wonderfully iridescent plumage. They often congregate in large numbers and can be quite noisy and raucous.
    ◾A flock of starlings is called a murmuration and in winter these gatherings can number in excess of one million individuals.
    ◾A starling’s long bill is yellow and the base is pink in females and blue in males.
    ◾Call: Excellent mimics. But typically issues a series of clicks, whistles & squeaks.
    ◾Habitat: Forest, farmland, woodland, urban
    ◾Diet: Insects, especially crane fly larvae, also fruit and seeds.
    ◾Nesting: April-May
    ◾Breeding Age: From 2 years
    ◾Number of Eggs: 4-5
    ◾No. of Clutches: 1 or 2
    ◾Lifespan: 5 years. Oldest recorded at 17 years 8 months
    ◾Conservation Status in Ireland: AMBERYou can see this beautiful character in our Farmyard Féasta book by clicking here

Starlings - Druid