• The Old Irish Goat – sean-gabhar Éireannach
  • The Old Irish Goat is Ireland’s indigenous landrace breed, now critically endangered and only found in remote mountain ranges roaming in feral herds.
  • The Old Irish goat was Ireland’s only goat breed until around 1900.
  • A thick cashmere undercoat under its long outer coat helps to keep the goat warm in cold weather.
  • It is possible to tell the age of an Old Irish goat by counting its horn rings.
  • Unlike the modern breeds of dairy goat, the Old Irish goat can be found in a variety of colours and colour patterns.
  • In domestication, the breed could give up to 200 gallons of milk a year.
  • Feral herds of Old Irish goats are led by a female, the males forming bachelor herds for much of the year.
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The Old Irish Goat