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Four weeks in; still on track?

Some psychologists reckon it takes 21 days to make or break a habit so for a lot of people tomorrow, the 21st January, may be D day!

With this in mind I had scheduled this weeks post to be a recap on my commitments for 2019 to check in and measure how I’m getting on.

Johnny Magory Jam

Johnny Magory Homemade Jam

Johnny Magory’s Homemade Jam… Yummy! Every morning when Johnny wakes up He slurps his apple juice from his cup Johnny gobbles his porridge with jam or honey He doesn’t mind which because they’re both so yummy! Get foraging! Now is the perfect time of year to get your Little Explorer outdoors and picking wild berries …

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Talking animals

This blog I’m talking animals, just like in my children’s books; there’s talking animals everywhere! In each of the books the animals are all the stars of the show. It’s an effort to educate children’s about our amazing wildlife here in Ireland but it’s also super fun dreaming up these characters! Click here to download …

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