The App Johnny Magory World is LIVE!

Download JOHNNY MAGORY WORLD app on all devices now to bring the Magical Wild book and the Oíche Nollag book to life through augmented reality!

Link to download:

Apple Devices:

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Our WILDLIFE DIRECTORY is also live in phase 1 where you can learn about the FROG, the SWAN, the BADGER and the RED DEER and drop them into the real world for photos and fun!

So, so excited, more books will be rolled out in the coming weeks so download it now at the introductory price of €1.99. No further purchase is necessary.

Making Dreams a Reality

When Dave Furney approached me a few months ago promising to break new ground and deliver us a game-changer; my heart nearly burst with the excitement of the possibilities.
Designing and building an app for children to bring our books and Irish wildlife alive through augmented reality is something I dreamt of when I launched the business.
Now, after much learning, we have finally made that dream a reality and are embarking on a new adventure in tech. Blending traditional learning through books with a modern method.
This is just beginning.
We’ve just begun on the journey but I’m thrilled to say that two of my books are now live for children to enjoy, our wildlife directory has begun to come to life and more exciting features will be rolled out in the coming weeks.
We’ve successfully taken a piece of our Irish heritage, more than 300 years old, into the modern-day.

You can download the app, Johnny Magory World, from the app stores on all devices now.

Exciting times.

Link to download below:

Apple Devices:

Android Devices:


Let us know if you and your child enjoy it as much as we do x


Johnny Magory WOrld App Johnny Magory WOrld App