Card maker’s set: plantable wildflower-seeded greeting cards


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Plantable wildflower-seeded greeting cards

Make and send your own plantable greeting cards!

Draw on the paper and send to your loved one.

Then just bury the card under 0.5cm of soil, water it and keep it moist and warm (indoors if it’s cold or too hot outside), and watch their wildflowers bloom! The photo of flowers is of a test with this paper.

Handmade from a recycled paper pulp which, whilst drying, has living wildflower seeds added to it.


What it contains
  • 200gsm A5 sheets (that you fold in half and draw / write / paint on to make 10x A6 notelets)
  • 100% post-consumer-recycled kraft paper C6 envelopes , 100gsm (to fit your folded notelets), gummed

The wildflower seeds included are:

  • Golden Ball Chrysanthemum
  • Gypsophila Elegans (white)
  • Antirrhinum (mixed colours) – a native Irish wildflower
  • Iberis Umbellata (mixed colours) – a native Irish wildflower
  • Lobularia Snowcloth
  • Ageratum Blue mink
  • Petunia (mixed colours)
  • Godetia Azalea double (mixed colours)
  • Dorotheanthus (mixed colours)