Gracie Goes to Granny’s by Irene Kavanagh



This book was inspired by my granny, Mrs. Nan Rockett. She was my mom’s mom. She lived in Carlow. My granddad died when he was 63years old in a car accident. I have such vivid and warm memories of our visits to see her. She was an amazing woman always healthy and lived to a ripe old age of 98yrs. Thank you granny for my nice memories in your presence and your home. Of course, you may realise that I am “Gracie” in the book. I love the name!

Written by: Irene Kavanagh

Age range: 7-10 year olds (or adults who would like a trip down memory lane in Ireland!)

Format: Paperback book

RRP: €9.24 plus p&p


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