The Shapeshifter Book – Hare Today Gone Tomorrow, Lily-May Adventures Chapter Book


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‘Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow’ is here!

The second chapter book for Johnny Magory’s little sister, Lily-May. Young Lily-May has always been fascinated by hares, they’re her favourite native Irish animal. But it’s not just their behaviour and looks she likes; she loves the stories her grandad tells her about the hares being shapeshifters. Tales of how the Celtic warrior Oísin injured a hare whilst hunting and followed it only to find a beautiful woman and many more like it.

A determined Lily-May forms a plan, going through their secret tunnel into the magical wild alone, without Johnny or Ruairi. She is going to find out the truth about the hares once and for all. But has her curiosity put her in grave danger?

Suitable for 8 – 12 year olds.

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