Intermediate Kids 1- Hour Writing Workshop Wednesday 4pm



Kids Intermediate Writing Workshop – 1-Hour

Wednesday 16th September @ 4:00pm

Overview: A follow on course for children who have already completed the 1-hour workshop or 6 week-writing programme. A 60 minute super interactive kids writing workshop to delve into the world of creating a fully formed character. One of the most important elements of story writing, and probably the most fun element too!

“Sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
– Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Fun Kids Writing Workshop

  • AudienceThis workshop is suitable for children 8 – 13 years old who have completed a writing workshop with Emma-Jane before.
  • LocationWherever they are comfortable in their home.
  • Supporting material: Writing workbook which will be emailed on purchase.

Johnny Magory WRiting Workshop Rhythm and Rhyme Children Outdoors

Key points covered

Creating a fully formed character. Choosing names, adjectives, profiles. We will also be free-writing based on prompts and challenging our characters.


Age Group: 8 – 13 year old


Resources required: Internet Access to Zoom (ideally a laptop, PC or Tablet), Pen/Pencil and Paper.


When is it on: Wednesday 16th September @ 4:00pm.

Looking forward to seeing you then, EJ x


“As a parent, I was delighted that my daughter engaged creatively and listened attentively to Emma Jane. As a teacher, I would love to see the process through a webinar in the classroom. It was so effective.” – Testimonial from attendee in June 2020.



“My son is very quiet especially with people he doesnt know. Emma was so engaging and the session was very well structured. I couldn’t believe it when I heard him read his story. I was so proud and so impressed. In such a short class Emma had thought him to structure a story, use his imagination and gave him enough confidence to read it in front of a group.” – 22.05.2020


If your child really loves writing or perhaps needs some encouragement, check out our 6 Week Writing Course to Publish Their Own Book which commences Saturday 26th September 2020.

Check out our chapter book Aisling – Dare to Live the Life of Your Dreams here.

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