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The First Book - Johnny Magory in the Magical Wild

The Bog Book - Johnny Magory and the Game of Rounders

The Canal and River Book - Johnny Magory and the Wild Water Race

The Don Conroy Book - Johnny Magory and the Forest Fleadh Cheoil

The Legendary Book - Johnny Magory Joins The Irish Legends

The Farm Book - Johnny Magory and the Farmyard Féasta

The Tomboy Book - Ode to a Tomboy

The Christmas Book - Johnny Magory Oíche Nollag Adventure

The Fae Magic Book - Foul Faeries, Lily-May Adventures Chapter Book

The Shapeshifter Book - Hare Today Gone Tomorrow, Lily-May Adventures Chapter Book

The Beach Book -Spraoi By The Sea


Have twice the fun with a Johnny Magory 2 Book Bundle. Choose any two of our Guaranteed Irish rhyming children’s books.

Choose from:

  • Johnny Magory in the Magical Wild
  • Johnny Magory and the Game of Rounders
  • Johnny Magory and the Wild Water Race
  • Johnny Magory and the Forest Fleadh Cheoil
  • Johnny Magory Joins the Irish Legends
  • Johnny Magory and the Farmyard Féasta
  • Johnny Magory Oíche Nollag Adventure
  • Ode to a Tomboy
  • Spraoi by The Sea
  • Hare Today Gone Tomorrow


Johnny Magory in the Magical Wild was the first book published in the series about the little boy who’s a few years old; usually good but sometimes bold! This book was inspired by Ballynafagh Lake which is beside where EJ lives… Truth be told, she thinks she owns the lake and spends time there every day. EJ  wanted to capture the day-to-day imagination a child has to use when they spend the day playing outside. Be it in their garden, park or local playground, she believes the games and stories a child invents are incredible and should be encouraged

Johnny Magory and the Game of Rounders followed next. Johnny Magory and his dog Ruairi sneak off to have a brilliant game of rounders with all his animal friends; when he’s supposed to helping his Mammy and Daddy foot the turf! This was inspired by the Bog of Allen where EJ spent a large portion of her youth around her Nanna’s house with her cousins. They would jump bog holes for the day then would all line up in their Nanna’s garden as she hosed the bog mould off them! GAA Rounders was another huge part of EJ’s childhood and she wanted to encourage children to play the game.

The third adventure is Johnny Magory and the Wild Water Race. Inspired by the Grand Canal in Ireland. Johnny’s little sister Lily-May is introduced in this book and see’s Johnny having a boat race with his animal friends. The grand canal played a big role in EJ’s childhood; she learned to swim in it!

Johnny Magory and the Forest Fleadh Cheoil is the fourth story in the series and is illustrated by EJ’s childhood hero, Don Conroy. The story was inspired by Donadea Forest in Ireland which is a large deciduous, native forest. EJ wanted to capture and promote two important elements in this books; the Irish love of music and her own love of climbing trees!

Johnny Magory Joins the Irish Legends was written during the first lockdown of 2020. Emma-Jane virtually wrote the book with the help of her funniest, lifelong friend Sean Óg Moore from Prosperous, Co. Kildare. Sean was 11 at the time and having their weekly meeting kept them both motivated during a very uncertain time. The book is all about Ireland’s amazing legends and sees Johnny and the family heading off on a ‘staycation’ around Ireland to complete a mission: “To make sure Irish Legends have their stories heard”. Meet Fionn MacCumhaill, Queen Medh, Oisín and Niamh, Brian Boru and Finegas whilst visiting some of Ireland’s best-known heritage sites.

Johnny Magory and the Farmyard Féasta sees Johnny and Lily-May help Granny and Grandad Magory with the annual harvest. Meet lots of native Irish farm animals such as Dexter cows, Connemara ponies and Galway sheep and have fun with the children as they prepare a farmyard féasta.

Johnny Magory Oíche Nollag Adventure is literally the little Irish book of Christmas! Johnny and Lily-May have to help the big man himself when one of his reindeer gets sick. They meander through the Phoenix Park in search of their hero to save the day meeting lots of native Irish wildlife along the way.

Ode to a Tomboy is a full colour picture book also written by Emma-Jane. This snappy rhyming and beautifully simple illustrated story explores what it predominately meant for a little girl to be called a Tomboy. It challenges the stereotype in a fun way and reassures children you don’t and shouldn’t have to tick certain boxes to fall into a label. This book will give reassurance to young girls who might be labelled a Tomboy already that it’s ok to enjoy and explore all aspects of their lives.

Lily-May Foul FaeriesJoin Johnny and Lily-May on an adventure they’ll never forget in the first chapter book of the popular series. The pair go through the rabbit hole into the magical wild to celebrate the solstice. Their wildlife friends and their dog Ruairi, who is king in this world, warn them to stay alert to danger. But when foul faeries kidnap Lily-May will they ever make it back home? Suitable for 7 – 11-year-olds.

Lily-May Hare Today Gone Tomorrow. Young Lily-May has always been fascinated by hares, they’re her favourite native Irish animal. But it’s not just their behaviour and looks she likes; she loves the stories her grandad tells her about the hares being shapeshifters. Tales of how the Celtic warrior Oísin injured a hare whilst hunting and followed it only to find a beautiful woman and many more like it.

A determined Lily-May forms a plan, going through their secret tunnel into the magical wild alone, without Johnny or Ruairi. She is going to find out the truth about the hares once and for all. But has her curiosity put her in grave danger?

Johnny Magory Spraoi By The Sea. The weather is scorching and the ice-cream is being consumed by the gallon so the whole Magory family make
their way to the beach to cool off. Johnny, Lily-May and Ruairi, all lathered in sun cream, have a ball making
sandcastles, the best Ireland has ever seen, pretending they are Olympian long-jumpers in the sand and surfing
down sand-dunes meeting lots of sea life along the way from hermit crabs to chilled out barnacles.
When it’s time for lunch, obligatory sand-sandwiches are consumed with Ruairi on guard for the pesky seagulls.
Johnny then rushes off to the sea only to be told he must wait an hour after eating or he’ll get a stitch. In his
most daring move to date, he tiptoes into the sea anyways. When Lily-May and Ruairi rescue him, (from water
that’s only knee height!) he wonders which is worse, the fright he got or the possible lecture from the lifeguard,
Mammy and Daddy


All of our books educate children on Irish wildlife and heritage, but in a super fun way!

Johnny Magory is a few years old, usually good… But sometimes bold!

Introducing children to Ireland’s beautiful and unique mammals, birds, amphibians and fish through our fun-loving characters.

Weaving our heritage into stories that they will remember.

Ultimately, making them want to go outside and explore… The way Emma-Jane’s Daddy told her the stories as a child!

All of our books and products are 100% Eco friendly and recyclable.




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Book 1

Magical Wild, Game of Rounders, Wild Water Race, Forest Fleadh Cheoil, Joins the Irish Legends, Farmyard Féasta, Óiche Nollag Adventure, Ode to a Tomboy

Book 2

Magical Wild, Game of Rounders, Wild Water Race, Forest Fleadh Cheoil, Joins the Irish Legends, Farmyard Féasta, Óiche Nollag Adventure, Ode to a Tomboy

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