Johnny Magory Books Bundle (2 books)


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Have twice the fun with a Johnny Magory 2 Book Bundle.

This bundle contains:

  • Johnny Magory in the Magical Wild
  • Johnny Magory and the Game of Rounders


“Johnny Magory in the Magical Wild” – Join Johnny as he has the time of his life at the forest party with his magical woodland friends Mr Badger, Mr Fox, Mrs Squirrel and many more. Johnny’s Mammy said he has to be home for lunch but will Johnny and his trusty dog Ruairi remember to make it home on time?



“Johnny Magory and the Game of Rounders” – Set amongst the flora and fauna of the raised bogs of Ireland; Johnny and Ruairi team up with their magical friends Lord Stag, Finn Hare, Ms Grouse and many more for a game of Rounders they’ll never forget. But in all the fun has Johnny forgotten about his work… And his Mammy & Daddy?


All of our books educate children on Irish wildlife and heritage, but in a super fun way!

Johnny Magory is a few years old, usually good… But sometimes bold!

Introducing children to Ireland’s beautiful and unique mammals, birds, amphibians and fish through our fun-loving characters.

Weaving our heritage into stories that they will remember.

Ultimately, making them want to go outside and explore… The way Emma-Jane’s Daddy told her the stories as a child!




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