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Johnny Magory Joins The Irish Legends

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Irish legends need to have their stories heard… Who better to help than Johnny Magory, Lily-May and Ruairi?


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5 x Johnny Magory Joins the Irish Legends

This pack includes five of the same book to stop any ‘who got what’ arguments!


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“There’s a reward waiting for you if you can complete this mission and succeed,

You’ll find it on the Hill of Tara, in the province of Leinster, County Meath.”


Will I tell you a story about Johnny Magory?


Johnny, Lily-May, Ruairi, and of course, Mammy and Daddy, go on holiday around Ireland in their old campervan.

Before beginning their journey, they meet an old man Finegas who is fishing for “The Salmon of Knowledge”.

He tells Johnny and Lily-May of an important mission; they need to make sure Irish legends have their stories heard. Can they succeed?


Meet Fionn MacCumhall, Queen Medh, Oisín, Niamh Chinn Óir and Brian Boru in this beautiful book telling precious tales of Irish heritage in English and as Gaeilge.


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