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The First Johnny Magory Book

Johnny Magory in the Magical Wild is the first in the series of adventures of Johnny Magory.


Join in the excitement with this bright, fun book.

Join Johnny as he has the time of his life at the forest party with his magical woodland friends, Mr Badger, Mr Fox, Mrs Squirrel and many more.

Johnny’s Mammy said he has to be home for lunch but will Johnny and his trusty dog Ruairi remember to make it home on time?


“So off to the bottom of the garden he did bowl, 

To his little secret passage, down a rabbit hole. 

Johnny’s hidden tunnel leads him into the magical wild, 

Where he has special friends, who’ll only talk to a child”

Irish Wildlife

In this book, we meet the badger, fox, corncrake, hedgehog, red and grey squirrel, frog and swan.


The first and much loved Johnny Magory Book. The boy is told to be back for lunch, he has so much craic at the forest party, will he remember?

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Guaranteed Irish Johnny Magory Book

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