My First *LOADS* of Bubbles Kit


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My First *LOADS* of Bubbles Kit

Everything needed for hours of bubbling fun! There is enough bubble mix to make 1000s of football-sized bubbles. The multi-rope floods the garden / beach / field with bubbles!

These kits are ideal presents, especially for younger kids. The wands are 25cm long, and suitable for younger kids (under 7 years or so).

Dr Zigs is a Welsh bubble company run by the lovely Paola and her son Ziggy (now 10). They make some of the best giant bubble toys in the world, with a unique focus on ethical and eco-friendly toys. We’re delighted to stock them!


What it contains

100ml of 10x bubble mix concentrate (makes 1 litre bubble mix); 1 coloured multi bubble rope on 25cm wands; Dr Zigs tips, tricks and instructions.