Ode to a Tomboy Pre-Order Deal



Ode to a Tomboy – Pre-order Deal

“Every girl is very different, it’s really great so I get annoyed. When people call some princesses, and other girls Tomboys.”

I am so excited to launch the pre-order deal of my brand new book ‘Ode to a Tomboy’ which will be posted to you by the last week in May.

The pre-order Tomboy deal includes a signed copy of the book and also a 3 pack of my ‘Imagine That’ watercolour cards.

Why do ‘they’ label some girls princesses and others Tomboys? This snappy rhyming and beautifully simple illustrated story explores what it predominately meant for a little girl to be called a Tomboy. It challenges the stereotype in a fun way and reassures children you don’t and shouldn’t have to tick certain boxes to fall into a label. This book will give reassurance to young girls who might be labelled a Tomboy already that it’s ok to enjoy and explore all aspects of their lives.

For all those who know me, you’ll know this one is very close to my heart 🙂 I’m so blown away by the beautiful illustrations by Emma Healy.

I can’t wait to share the Tomboy with the world.

Books will be delivered by the last week in May. Thank you so much as always for your support.



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