Planting kit: Bee – Mixed wildflowers for bees


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Help care for our bees and other pollinators – and add a splash of colourful florals to your home or garden – with this adorable grow it yourself set!

We need wild bees to pollinate our food. But a third of Ireland’s 99 wild bee species are at risk of extinction…luckily, we can all help.

Green fields and manicured lawns are like a barren desert for bees…they need flowers, including hedge and tree flowers.


How to use this kit:

  • Place the disc of coconut soil in a saucer and sprinkle with 6 to 8 times its volume in water, to rehydrate it.
  • Break it up and fill the pot with it.
  • Spread the seeds over the entire surface of the soil.
  • Keep inside the house in a well-lit place.
  • In Spring, plant in the ground in your garden or in a larger (18cm or more) pot on your balcony or terrace.


What it contains

  • A bag of mixed pollinator-friendly wildflower seeds: dill, mallow, borage, lavender, clover, trefoil, melilot, vetch, white mustard, wheat nielle, coreopsis, marigold, blueberry, chrysanthemum, forget-me-not, lark’s foot, viper, eschscholtzia, ibéris , flax, poppy, canary seed, drummond phlox, reseda odorata, nasturtium, verbena, zinnia, buckwheat, phacelia
  • A 5cm diameter terracotta pot
  • A disc of coconut soil to rehydrate
  • Instructions in English
  • Overall kit dimensions: 18cm x 12cm x 6 cm