The Lily-May Series



The Adventures of Lily-May are suitable for children aged 7 – 11 years. These two chapter books focus on Johnny Magory’s sister Lily-May. Both Foul Faeries and Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow are packed with Irish wildlife, mythology and legends.

Two books that are guaranteed to inspire adventure in older readers.

Foul Faeries

Join Lily-May on an adventure she’ll never forget.

Lily-May and Johnny go through the rabbit hole into the magical wild to celebrate the solstice. Their wildlife friends and their dog Ruairi, who is king in this world, warn them to stay alert to danger.

But when foul faeries kidnap Lily-May will they ever make it back home?

Suitable for 7 – 11 year olds.

Illustrated by Sally-Ann Kelly.

Why Faeries and not Fairies?

“Fairies are kind and pure-hearted mythical creatures whereas the faeries are evil, horrid and terrifying mythical creatures. Fairies are quite mischievous and they play around but are not dangerous whereas faeries are very mischievous and they are often dangerous.”


Key Points:

  • From the popular “The Adventures of Johnny Magory” series.
  • Printed with Dyslexia friendly font.
  • Blending of Irish folklore and heritage.
  • Beautiful illustrations.
  • Irish native and wild species included as characters.
  • Guaranteed Irish books with GI symbol on the back.

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

Young Lily-May has always been fascinated by hares, they’re her favourite native Irish animal. But it’s not just their behaviour and looks she likes; she loves the stories her grandad tells her about the hares being shapeshifters. Tales of how the Celtic warrior Oísin injured a hare whilst hunting and followed it only to find a beautiful woman and many more like it.

A determined Lily-May forms a plan, going through their secret tunnel into the magical wild alone, without Johnny or Ruairi. She is going to find out the truth about the hares once and for all. But has her curiosity put her in grave danger?

Suitable for 8 – 12 year olds.


All of our products are 100% Guaranteed Irish, printed in Ireland on eco friendly and biodegradable materials.

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