Adults Write & Publish Your Own Children’s Book – Jan 2022



8 Weeks To Write & Self-Publish Your Own Children’s Book

January 10th 2022

Take Control and Publish Your Own Children’s Book.

This one-of-a-kind programme will give you all the confidence, knowledge and skills you need to write and self-publish your very own children’s book.

You’ll learn how to write but also learn how to upload and start making money from your book straight away using a print-on-demand service.

You’ll also have access to a professional editor at an exclusive Hedge-School membership rate.

And you’ll be able to do it by yourself over and over again in the future. 

Here’s to you capturing your unique stories, wisdom and experiences for generations to come and even setting up a new business or growing your existing one. 

In this online course you will learn to…

Navigate the world of children’s books and gain skills to last a lifetime resulting in your very own self-published book.

Modules include:

Age Groups and Story Types,

Routine & Observation,


Point of View and Setting,


Dialogue and Story Endings,

Editing and Uploading Your Book To Print


The programme will give you accountability, motivation and encouragement from other’s going through the process.

We check in weekly to go through your questions, queries and (usually!) cool, crazy ideas as a group.

On completion of the 7 week’s you’ll have written your very own book and know how to upload it to a print-on-demand website.

Trust me, it’s easier than you think once you know how.


It’s Easy & Fun To Follow Your Dream

This course really is a one-of-a-kind to becoming a self-published author.

Having published over 10 children’s books and countless updated editions, we’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to!

We promise to leave you with the skills and processes to continue to create your own storybooks time and time again.

The course is delivered via a handy app or in your web browser and enables you to do it whenever, and wherever suits.

There are weekly Thursday evening check-in’s via Zoom which really helps to build confidence and is a super peer learning opportunity.

You’ll also get access to our Private Facebook Group with past pupils for everyone to chat and raise queries or questions about their stories or the modules throughout the course.

PLUS, we’re happy to promote your book on our website here for free providing a link directly to your website.

You can sign up to the course, which commences Monday 13th September,  by clicking here.



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“The world can simply never have enough children’s books” – Emma-Jane Leeson


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